FAQ’s: How Biz-find gets you more exposure

October 7, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Digital marketing,Frequently Asked Questions

Ask anyone with a website or online business what exposure means to them.It’s the difference between standing in front of 2 people or 2000 people to explain why your business is different and special. Even if not one person buys that day, there are more people who now know about your business today then there were yesterday, and can say they have seen your business name or brand which is vital for the trust needed to sell anything!

Biz-find are Netmedia, we are the same company, Netmedia has for 7 years taken the time to grow their social media reach to over 500,000 people.

We manage groups on Facebook like:

Fashion Worldwide 219,000 members

English Teaching Thailand 8,800 members

Web/IT network Bangkok nearly 2000 members

Our own Facebook profile has been at over 4500 friends since 2010

then we have over 20 pages in our control including Netmedia Thailand and  9 Biz-find pages as well as many other pages and groups


Then we have our LinkedIn connections of nearly 9000 which is growing at around 5 a day.

linkedin_connections fr Netmedia

linked in connections for Netmedia Oct 16

We are active in around 40 groups on LinkedIn and we share all our work to all the groups with around 500,000 members

We have 4,000 loyal followers on Twitter 

Because our twitter has been organically and manually grown since we joined in 2010 we have loyal followers who follow our tweets, we tweet all new members arrival and this normally drives in around 30 instant page views for new members even the free ones!

W are also active on Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, Vine and many other book-marking sites like stumble upon and Digg and many others

When Netmedia shares your business to their social media reach, serious traffic gets sent your way!