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January 19, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Digital marketing,Thailand Business Directory

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As a business person who helps clients with online marketing in Bangkok and Digital marketing in UK (When I am there, summer months only, forget winter sorry!) you can see the question burning their lips, the one Thai people feel greng-Jai (a form of embarrassment and subservience) and UK people just don’t feel it seemly to ask, which is:

“How on Earth, is social media going to get me money in my business bank??”

There are ways and processes you have to adhere to, so as to find business leads online, sadly all of them require time and effort, but remember our parents telling us:

‘Anything worth having is worth working for’ and ‘No such thing as a free lunch’

All wise words and relevant to Internet marketing where too many companies are offering a quick fix with a great spiel to do your social media marketing for you. Regular readers to my blogs will know what I think of outsourcing online marketing.

If you have the work ethic, here’s how to find new business on the Internet:

Content Marketing

Get personal, get passionate, and enjoy writing, and do a lot of it! Tell the world everything you know about you and your business, why you do what you do, what tricks and tips you can altruistically give away and don’t be mean, really give it away!

Eventually, and this is a great word that inspires loads of blogs from me, and the questions arise like; when will this blogging work? Not forgetting; how long do I have to keep doing this? The answer is: As long as it takes. Forget expecting a return, just do it for fun and the karma will prevail!

 If your business keywords are highly competitive like ‘Hotel in Bangkok’, well you may be blogging twice a week for a year before you get a sniff, but when you do it’s like popcorn, you have worked hard enough to develop a brand and now people trust you and that’s priceless! However if your business is ‘Airbus training in Bangkok’ half a dozen blogs should get you started because there is not that much competition, but the stuff you write has got to be precise and very thought out, because;  who is going to be your main reader, yes your competition!

The other key point to content marketing is having a lot of people in pages and groups on Facebook, a lot of Twitter followers, many contacts on LinkedIn and to be in many LinkedIn groups, you must also be very aware of the biggest bookmarking sites like stumble upon, Pinterest, Rebelmouse, and Digg etc. to be able to share your blog to for maximum effect, this also takes years to gather a good targeted following.

Or you could just ask someone with over 20 websites, good traffic, and 30,000 social media followers and contacts to help promote your articles!

Data mining

Sit for a good few hours a week and listen, yes I would love to say to the forest and be mindful, but alas we are at work here! No listen for leads. If you have joined a number of groups in your business arena and peripheral business groups on LinkedIn, you can start to follow articles and comment and this is quite effective for getting introduced to new potential clients. I will stress at this point how important your LinkedIn profile is. Profile photo must be business like, you must have a full and interesting summary (not like a boring CV) just for starters. People will read your comments, click to view your profile and this is where you either gain or lose potential clients.

Facebook groups are also great places to find new potentials, some groups are very niche some are quite general but here’s my biggest bugbear and tip; don’t add people to a  Facebook group, they are there not there at their own accord, and become particularly useless, if not just to make your group look busy. Remember there is no money in Vanity! Share comments and watch for things happening I can make around 8 appointments a month and have sold directly from Facebook chat alone, it has taken me 7 years to get to that point, but they do say it takes around 10,000 hours to master any trade!

Email marketing

You got to be a major professional to get this to work for you, and if you have gleaned, over the years, a decent number of double opted in, direct to inbox, email list subscribers, then hats off to you, you know what it takes and how to work it. This is a career within itself; my biggest tip here is to gather your database through one of the bigger email marketing platforms like awebber and constant contact and the best way to gather is to entice with great offers and eBooks to get your people, and stick to the subject. I know a few email marketers who are making a lot of money but it is a full time job for them, and they are masters of the side sell and upsell!

Lead sourcing

There are some websites that publish B2B leads and they can be a cost effective way to get in touch directly, sites like alibaba produce leads that you have to subscribe and pay to get to contact the buyers.

We have started our own lead sourcing for business on our biz-find sites, we already have the directory of businesses within our databases all we needed to do is to get them to tell us what they are looking to buy and we then list these ‘potential buyers’ on our site, and for $10 per category for a whole month to see our buyers, I don’t think that is beyond even the most one person garage start up to afford!

See what leads we have today.