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Do You Profit From Gemstones?
What Do You Need?

The International Gemstone Market has been challenging during this new Millennium. Although, economic-growth is booming worldwide, our gem market was badly hurt by the “boom-bubble” that burst after the Chinese drove prices through the roof for certain gem types. When the Chinese stopped buying, many dealers got caught with overstocked goods. Then the prices on some of these stones decreased in values. And, with the onslaught of internet marketing, many gemstone and jewelry businesses did not survive 2017.
But, for more commercial-grade gems in standard sizes, there are still good opportunities for specialized mass-market designer-jewelry products. And with intensified demand from the top-tier wealthy, you can see that the finest rare-gemstone prices have increased significantly. Some have doubled, or more in the past decade.
And, with the growth of that top-tier wealthy, there is still tremendous potential for high-end jewelry and fine home-décor related products.
Profitable opportunities are available here for investment, expansion or partnership in gemstone production and/or sourcing.

Are you…
A Mass-Market Jewelry Merchandiser? Or
A Serial-Entrepreneur/Investor: for a Madagascar Sapphire Opportunity (more information available)? Or
A TV-Marketing Professional? Or
A Large Gemstone-Cutting Factory? Or
A Gemstone Mine-Owner? or
A TV or Web-Streaming Video Company who creates gemstone adventures? Or
A Museum or Gemological Laboratory needing to assemble samples for display or reference collection?

With 40+ years buying, mining, cutting, selling, organizing companies and marketing in the International Gemstone Trade, my knowledge, experience, expertise and services include:
Sourcing: Rough, Cut and Production.
Mining: Sapphire and Aquamarine
Operations: Mass-Market Cutting Factory and Mining.
Logistics: Madagascar
Enhancement: Corundum, Diamonds and ‘Semi-Precious’.

The above covers six years in Brasil (fluent in Portuguese), 20 years in Africa (buying and mining) and 30 years in Thailand (buying, selling, mass-production cutting and building companies in the gemstone business), with endless international Trade Shows.
If you are interested, you can make more money with my knowledge, experience, and connections

After graduating from UCSB in 1969, then 2 years in flight-training with the U.S. Naval Air Force, my gemstone career began during a 6-year circumnavigation on a 75-foot sailing yacht. That is where I finished the correspondence course with the Gemological Institute of America to become a Graduate Gemologist.
Since then, my life has been dedicated to buying, selling, mining, organizing companies, processing and marketing in the international Gemstone Trade.

From 1975 to 1986, I was the Brasil-Expat side of an American gemstone partnership: Natural Arts. We bought, sold and brokered the finest connoisseur-quality single gems, while also supplying calibrated sizes for the Mass Market.
My extensive Brasilian connections stay in touch.

From 1986 to 2000, in Bangkok, I established developed and managed GemEssence: a gem-cutting/marketing business with a large precision-cutting factory.
GE encompassed 250 staff with 3 locations, including a New York sales office.

From 1993 to 1999, while managing GemEssence, I established, grew and managed a registered Madagascar company – ADAMCO – for mining and buying gem materials to cut at GemEssence. We also did some gold prospecting. ADAMCO developed into a staff of 12, including: 3 Americans, 2 Brasilians and 7 Malagasy.
More recently in Madagascar, I had mining partnerships with Americans and Malagasy mine owners. Blue Sapphire in the North and Sapphire-blue Aquamarine south of Antsirabé.

From 2000 until now, I established, evolved and currently operate with a Top-Rated eBay Store. We are a Jade-Carving production enterprise based in Bangkok for sales. We contract with 5 master-carving factories in Maesai, Thailand on the Burma border.

These 40+ years, my passion includes gemstone-Enhancement with state-of-the-art services: Burning ‘precious’ and ‘semi-precious’ rough, oiling (masking internal flaws) and irradiation.
Another passion is to find new natural gemstone discoveries: both products and mines. Many, Many years ago, I was first to market Tsavorite in the USA. Less years ago, I was first to market Mexican Leopard Opal, then Ethiopian Opal. The most recent rarities are Ethiopian Sapphire, Madagascar Grandidierite, Zimbabwe Chrome-green Chalcedony and Siberian Charoite.

AGTA (American Gemstone-Trade Association) Since1981: Founding Father & Member, with 12 years on AGTA’s Board of Directors.
ICA (International Colored-Stone Association) Since 1984: Founding Father & Member.
AIGS (Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences), Bangkok: Chairman of the Board 1995-1997
Rotary Club of Bangkok South since 1995

Willing…Sorry…EAGER To Travel.
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