Welcome to our beautiful yoga studio in Chiang Mai Thailand.

We offer a variety of yoga classes hatha, vinyasa meditation and much more.
we are a team of energized and passionate teacher ready take take yoga in chiang mai to another level with challenging and engaging classes.

At Hidden House Yoga Chiang Mai we strive to make yoga classes suitable and accessible to all levels.  From complete beginner to long time yogi’s. whoever you are you can find a class that suits you on our yoga classes page. And you can rest assured your practice will be supported by our highly qualified and energetic teaching team

Facilities include our traditional wooden teak house where we practice yoga and meditation together daily, and our cool, quiet garden area where we encourage students to chant and get to know one another after class. we also have onsite change rooms and showers so that you can rinse off all your hard work and head back out to enjoy your day feeling energized, refreshed and rejuvenated.


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