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If You Profit With Gemstones In Your Business, You Can Make More $$$
If You Use My Experience, Knowledge and Connections

40+ years buying, mining, cutting, selling and marketing in the International Gemstone Trade.
• Thailand, Brasil, Sri Lanka, Honk Kong, Kenya, Zambia, Madagascar, U.S., Europe, Australia and more.
• Always focused on newest gemstone discoveries: Mexican Leopard Opal, Ethiopian Opal, now in the pipeline Madagascar Grandidierite, Zimbabwe Chrome-Green Chalcedony and Siberian Charoite
• Expertise in State-Of-The-Art gemstone-enhancement:
= Burning all types of gemstones, including corundum.
= “Oiling” (Masking internal defects): Emerald, Rubellite, etc.
= Irradiation: Cobalt, electron-accelerator &/or neutron-irradiaton for Topaz, Diamonds, Beryl, Tourmaline, Quartz, etc.
• Many gemstone articles published by major U.S. & International Trade Magazines
• Languages: Portuguese, Fluent / Thai, reasonable and some French

BANGKOK 1986 to Present 2017
• Excellent reputation in the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Industries.
• 1986-2000: Established, developed and operated a Bangkok cutting factory/ marketing Enterprise, including a New York office
= 225+ total staff.
• 1999-Present 2017: Established, developed and currently operating and a Jade-Carving production business, with master-carver shops in Maesai, Thailand – on the Burma border.

MADAGASCAR 1993 to Present 2017
• 1993-1999: Established, developed and managed a Madagascar-registered Company for mining and buying rough: 12 staff including 3 Malagasy, 3 Thais, 1 Brasilian.
• 1996-2017: Madagascar mine-production and buying rough
= Sapphire (Maventibao Mine North of Diego Suarez)
= Aquamarine (Tsaramanga Mine near Ansirabé).

BRASIL 1975 to Present 2017
• 1975-1986: Brasilian-Expat side of American gemstone partnership.
= From Finest Gem-Quality single gems to calibrated sizes for mass-market
• Extensive connections in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Governador Valadares.

BLUE TOPAZ BACKGROUND 1978-1990: Production and Marketing
• Light-Blue Topaz: Cobalt irradiation and heating
• Sky-Blue Topaz: Electron-Accelerator irradiation and heating
• London-Blue Topaz: Neutron irradiation and heating (+ overseeing safe release per U.S. Standards)
• Swiss-Blue Topaz: Combining Neutron-Radiation, Electron-Accelerator and heating
• First to make Swiss-Blue. Golay Buchel was first customer, and Trade-Marked Swiss-Blue
• Sri Lanka: Cut up to 150,000cts per month white-topaz to treat

• AGTA (American Gemstone-Trade Association) Since1981: Founding Father & Member
= 12 years on AGTA’s Board of Directors.
• ICA (International Colored-Stone Association) Since 1984: Founding Father & Member.
• AIGS (Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences), Bangkok
= Chairman of the Board 1995-1997
• Rotary Club of Bangkok South since 1995

Willing…Sorry…EAGER To Travel.
Contact or +662-635-7157

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