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My best 5 beaches in Pattaya

Before I became a Pattaya resident, I didn’t really say a lot of great things about Pattaya, I was always guilty of saying it’s ‘Blackpool with better weather.’

For many reasons I am now a Pattaya resident, I have had more than a few days to actually discover the better parts of the area I have been very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the beaches, Sure Pattaya main beach on its own is not that great to look at, but like anywhere local knowledge will lead you to better unspoiled beaches and here are our favourites:

Naklua Beach

Just north of the main beach area, this is and a great place to relax. There is a good restaurant, sun loungers as well as deck chairs, and it is a smaller, cleaner beach than many I have been to, with some bars, restaurants, massage parlours, shops, especially along Soi 18,

Wong Amat Beach

You won’t see jet-skis or banana boats here, but you will find really good powdery sand underfoot, and better outlets for quieter, more relaxed entertainment. It is located very close to Pattaya beach, just to the north. It is a good family option.

Jomtien Beach

Long straight beach that stretches for about 6 or 7km, this is a good alternative to the main beach during daylight hours. Jomtien during the day is more of a family destination than Pattaya and the beach is cleaner and quieter. Swimming and snorkeling with the kids is a good option due to the clean water

Jomtien-Beach on Biz-find Thailand


Koh Larn

If you would like to get away from the mainland hustle and bustle Koh Larn is your answer. with a very cheap ferry that takes about 45 minutes from the mainland Koh Larn is the largest island destination in this region and generally speaking a motorbike when you get there is your best bet to get around

On the island there are 7 beaches, mostly on the western side of the island It has lots of different beaches that are ideal for those that like to explore. My personal favourite on the island was:

Koh Larn; Samae Beach

This is a medium sized beach with a range of bar/restaurants to choose from. The colour of the sea is bluer than its beach competitors in the region. For photos opportunities there is a viewpoint where you can walk to on one of the hilltops at the northern point of the beach.

Samae_Beach_koh_larn on Biz-find Thailand

Samae Beach Larn Island Pattaya

So, these are my favourite beaches in the area you need to stay here more than your average holiday time to be able to visit them all.

Hungry for more?

One other aspect of Pattaya that has grown immensely since I first came to Pattaya is the choice of food outlets, I would say in my humble opinion and it’s probably only because I’ve been looking more than I normally would of late, that there is more foreign food available here than Thai food.

A great place for Thai food that is growing in popularity for its no fuss clean, inexpensive fresh food options cooked in an open kitchen, so your Thai Missus can see the quality, is Thai Thai Kitchen located , just behind Volare bar, on Soi Bukhaow, a very exciting area of Pattaya for clubs and pubs and a great night out.

Thai Thai Kitchen Soi Bukhao Pattaya

Thai Thai Kitchen Soi Bukhao

A small but friendly restaurant serving good wholesome Thai food that is very well priced, most of the dishes where under 100 Baht, they also deliver Thai food free anywhere in Pattaya. It’s not far from the beach either!

Do you agree with me? What’s your favourite beach in Pattaya area?


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