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Invest in Brownfield Land in UK for 15% return per/year UK Government Initiatives

UK Land Investment

UK Land Investment

The team at Highgrove Consulting understand the importance, strength and stability of bricks & mortar as an investment. The UK property market has offered opportunity to investors in many forms, including buy to let & student accommodation to name but two. However, there is none that makes more financial sense than adding planning to UK land today and even more so if the land in question is UK Brownfield land. Why settle for a yield of 6% that’s taxable when 35-40% capital gains can be achieved through planning? Nothing is more constant, reliable & secure than UK titled land as an investment asset. We strongly believe in this opportunity and invest into these projects along with our Clients, reinforcing our conviction in Brownfield investing. To us, and our existing Clients this opportunity all makes perfect sense and offers an exceptional way to make true Capital gains. This is not simple land speculation, but careful selection of available land, that in the UK teams professional opinion very likely to gain permission to build and by doing so add significant capital value to the the land purchased. The private rental sector (PRS) in the UK was mainly made up of private home owners who had purchased houses under the previously popular “buy to rent” scheme. These schemes are now less popular and not very tax efficient, due to recent government changes. The newest PRS opportunity to evolve is “build to rent” where government initiatives and incentives make this sector attractive to Institutional investors. It’s these very investors that often buy sites with planning from our team to the benefit of all investors. The structure in which the land is purchase (SPV) makes it the most tax efficient structure available in the UK.

Non UK Resident Investors can take their dividends Tax Free.

Examples of previous projects can be found under case studies on our site. These various examples also show the gains made from these projects along with the investment time horizons.

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Thriving Jade Carvings business for sale


Jade carving Business Thailand

Jade carving Business Thailand

With a thriving Top-Rated eBay Store, this 16-year old factory-direct Jade-Sculpture enterprise has a long-running Online presence that is a turn-key ready opportunity for someone creative looking for an Onine business, incorporating

  • A museum-style website for custom orders: top-ranked with Google and
  • A FaceBook Page with 6,000 followers: for social-media marketing (SMM)

 The extensive inventory is valued at 13.6 million Thai Baht, with hundreds of exquisite Jade and Gemstone carvings, rough Jade and a 67 kilogram Lavender-Jade boulder.

The company includes long-term contracts with seven master-carving factories on the Burma border to ensure a steady supply of high-quality Jade products

 The factories are in Maesai, Northern Thailand. The trading office is located in the Bangkok gem and jewelry district for ease of shipment and distribution.

Rent is only 10,000 Baht per month. But the new owner will have to negotiate with the landlord for a new lease, and open their own limited company, which is perhaps desirable, to ensure there are no liens on the business.

 Last year, the business saw sales of 4 Million Baht, with a profit of 1 Million Baht.

 The owner is selling for health reasons, and to retire.

So, he is closing out his business at only 3.5 million Baht for a quick sale. 

 It is the perfect opportunity for someone in the jewelry or boutique line, or with direct-base exporting skills to diversify with an Online venture.

A motivated owner with ‘fresh blood’ who markets the business aggressively can make sales and profits soar.

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