Bitcoin: Past, Present, and Future

Recently, Bitcoin became a hot topic in many forms of media, both mainstream and alternative. It became the headline of many news outlets (well, both good and bad) gaining mor

Blockchain Opportunities in Southeast Asia

What business and Investment opportunities is Blockchain promising for the ASEAN region?

The Fear Of Paying Online

When you have got to the paying page on a website and your spider sense starts tingling and you abandon cart and leave the site because the thought of being hacked and having your personal life turned

New to Investing? What are the basics?

The basics of the elements that make up the stock market.

Thai Football Sucks

The comparison between Thai football and The English premier league is a but like investing, you have to know who you can count on to deliver.

How Your Price Could Be Your Downfall

The price is irrelevantHow price points can make or break your business overnight.So many know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

If you wait long enough...the biggest lie ever told!

You think waiting will get you all you want in life??

You would not know an opportunity if it bit you on the a##$%ss

How many people were told about BITCOIN 5 years ago? I know I was, and I missed the opportunity. Sadly I was one of those that missed that boat, I made a quick decision in my mind regarding Crypto cur

Tips for writing your own novel (interview)

Alan Watson debut novel Hidden Assets is now on Amazon, we interviewed Alan and got some great tips about becoming an author

The exponential effect. Why Thailand is in debt.

Quick quiz: Do you want a million dollars now or 1 dollar today BUT it doubles ever day for 30 days?

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