New to Investing? What are the basics?

The basics of the elements that make up the stock market.

If you wait long enough...the biggest lie ever told!

You think waiting will get you all you want in life??

You would not know an opportunity if it bit you on the a##$%ss

How many people were told about BITCOIN 5 years ago? I know I was, and I missed the opportunity. Sadly I was one of those that missed that boat, I made a quick decision in my mind regarding Crypto cur

4 long standing Technologies that are coming to the end of their cycle

One of the best investments will always be where one technology is coming to an end and is to be replaced soon

How to Go Public Without Losing Your Shirt (Part 2 of 3)

Part 2 of our quest to go IPO with the minimum disruption and loss of clothing....

Crowd sourcing and funding

Need funding for your business? How different methods like crowd sourcing can produce dramatically better results

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