Can Small Business and Startups still Brand Effectively on Facebook?

You probably have seen the demise of your posts' reach on Facebook with most analysts reporting less than 5% pick up, even if you have a good following of 1,000+ on your busin

Are you are asking for trouble?

How to get what you want by asking correctly

If you wait long enough...the biggest lie ever told!

You think waiting will get you all you want in life??

A different approach to sales leads

The Dream scenario for anyone selling anything is to sit back and let us find you buyers, but how?

The Apple Mac experience Bangkok

The best place to find second Hand Macs in Thailand and find new friends over a coffee

The Investors role after capitilisation

What to do after you have invested your money in a start up

What if you could draw your mind?

The mind , is it in the brain , or is it a link to the universe? We discuss how the mind works.....

Having a baby (are we lucky?)

Having just entered my third round of fatherhood I have started to hear many people say to me that babies are lucky, apart from the obvious blessings that a new life brings and the joy of being a pare

Who needs a Life Coach?

I remember a Girlfriend of mine who used to go to this one Nail Salon regularly and it was not because the technician’s nail work were sensational, in fact she used to tell me the salon down the roa

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