Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's: How Biz-find gets you more exposure

Biz-find always talks about exposure to their social media reach, but was does that really mean to you and your business?

How to add a classifieds advert

Biz-find has a Classified adverts section for Silver members as above.All you have to do is; create your advert, then, go to dashboard and on the left you will see 'My Classifieds". add your compe

FAQ's: Thailand business database

Thailand business database for sale...... oh really?

FAQ's: What exactly are Biz-find Sales Leads?

FAQ's What is a Sales lead?There is much confusion as to what is a lead, if you Google' leads' in any country, you get a mix of Database suppliers and Telemarketing companies.Ho

FAQ's English not my first language please help

FAQ's  HELP! English not our  first language! No problem we are willing to help.English is the language of the Internet, invented by the British, and made g

FAQ'S. I want to add more than one business

FAQ's: Adding more than one business to Biz-findGreedy huh? You have a few businesses and you want us to share on our site AND share each one to our 500,000 people on our social m

FAQ's How do we find your customer leads?

FAQ's  : Where do the Customer leads you provide to suppliers come from?Three ways:First place; when a company registers for the first time on our site, they know they are getting a fr

FAQ'S How do potential clients contact you?

FAQ's How our website visitors contact you?Did you know that on average 5% of all your page views end up in direct contact?

FAQ'S : Article marketing for biz-find (Guest Blogging)

How does spending an hour or two writing an article for biz-find help your business?

FAQ'S :Where to find keywords for your business

How to find the best searched for keywords for your business