Health and wellness in Thailand

Hotels could be a breeding ground for nasty bacteria

Just how clean is your Hotel room? researchers are not just talking about single germs they are talking colonies that form in the most frequently touched places!

What is a Chief Wellbeing Officer? (CWO)

Office building design and maintenance is more vital to health, wellbeing and productivity, the most business CEO’s care to notice.Studies show us that poor air quality and inferior lighting inc

9 Essentials we expect from a Business Hotel.

The top list of essentials our business people expect from their Hotels, and a few freebies as well!

Ever got sick from a Hotel stay?

Main image above: Aspergillus mould.What lurks in the Air con?Ever wondered why you get a cold or a fever when staying in some hotels? Well the truth may just frighten you t

Taking Weight Gain supplements

What to look out for when trying to increases your body mass with good clean muscle

The Secret to Lasting Weight Management.

What if you could gain knowledge from and transform your life with a weight management and body shaping system based on what we believe is the strongest, most up to date scientific research?