Sales Skills

Successful Affiliate Marketing.

Do you know that you can make money online while you sleep with affiliate marketing? Yes, you read it right. But it doesn’t mean that you will earn by doing nothing.

Are you are asking for trouble?

How to get what you want by asking correctly

Is Facebook still viable for business?

The big question on every business owners lips right nowIs Facebook still worth posting my business content, with the number of people seeing my post going down more each month?

ABC of sales is now closed! (Old school sales v New sales)

First off you got to be a sales person and one that loves the business deeply to get your head around the reason why people buy things, if you know why, then you are a made person so to speak.Seem

Key sales skills lesson one; Listening

How to become a better listener

What's your business worth?

How to balance between being too cheap and being reassuringly expensive.

How to sound out the Cheap Charlie

Say no to business!Business people waste far too much time on problem clients. The types of clients who hard-nosed bargained a deal and now they are in your face every day demandi