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How to Go Public Without Losing Your Shirt (Part 2 of 3)

Part 2 of our quest to go IPO with the minimum disruption and loss of clothing....

What if you could draw your mind?

The mind , is it in the brain , or is it a link to the universe? We discuss how the mind works.....

Why B2B (Business to Business) has little taste for Social Media

How the B2B industry has fallen out of love with Social Media

10 Simple reasons why; Investors are flocking to Romania.

Why Investors are flocking to Romania

5 Essential tips for investing in startups

How to find exciting tech startup opportunities, invest and stay close to your money

Why 55 is the best age to be a UK Expat…

There's a whole new breed of rich 55 year old expats with cash to spare, but not for long!

Three keys to success in 2016

Three steps to a better business in 2016

Paid Social Media V bootstrapping

When paying for Social media does not make sense

Why foreigners fail in Thailand

Why people want to start a business in Thailand and what goes wrong

How to add a classifieds advert

Biz-find has a Classified adverts section for Silver members as above.All you have to do is; create your advert, then, go to dashboard and on the left you will see 'My Classifieds". add your compe

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