Thailand Travel

3 Reasons you should use a travel agent

Oh sure we know Travel Agents used to be rich in the 1980’s and 1990’s as they had exclusive rights to airline seats and Hotels, until we all learned how to log on and then book flights ourselves,

My best 5 beaches in Pattaya

My favourite Pattay beaches and Thai food..

What Your Thai girlfriend Says And What She Really Means

Those frequent visitors to this site will of course be well advised on business in Thailand, however let us not forget one of the glorious reasons

The Stress Of Getting a Thai Visa

Getting a visa for Thailand is a stressful undertaking, and those who have at one time tried to do it themselves will know there is a learning curve to go through that is sometimes like a game of ches

Samui Villas: A Dream Retreat for Any Family

A stunning development on an even more stunning tropical island in Thailand

Want to lose money in Thailand? Read on.

You know the dream, you go to an exotic location on holiday and fall in love with a beautiful girl, the people or just the vibe. Back home in the grey weather of a dreary afternoon thoughts hanker bac

What makes a good Bangkok business Hotel?

Our top seven best things about a Business Hotel in Bangkok do you agree?

Hotels could be a breeding ground for nasty bacteria

Just how clean is your Hotel room? researchers are not just talking about single germs they are talking colonies that form in the most frequently touched places!

9 Essentials we expect from a Business Hotel.

The top list of essentials our business people expect from their Hotels, and a few freebies as well!

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