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If you don’t have a sales team you don’t have a business. Your sales team could be just you or a few people you have hired on a full time basis, and good salespeople are not cheap!

But a good sales team is not your only way to generate sales. Many business owners often forget about their website and how to use it as a sales tool. Ask an average manufacturing company how many leads their website produces and they will shrug their shoulders.

Most businesses, such as this, are not even slightly interested in anything more than a one page basic website with a phone number and contact email address, because they cannot understand the cost of Internet marketing services or they think too much about the time it might take to learn a new skill. I could spend an hour convincing them, but as Carnegie said:

“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”

Making your website work for you as a salesperson is not as easy as it sounds and it most definitely is not a short term solution. In fact, online marketing is linked to branding and that is often seen to be a perpetual drain on your business revenue (and is eternally misunderstood).

The one reason why the majority of business owners have not taken internet marketing by the reigns and whipped it for all it is worth is because of the work ethic involved. When business people finally really understand what it means to make a website work for you and get you leads then the design sector will see a huge growth in business.

The fact that Digital Marketing managers now earn over 65,000-150,000 THB a month in Thailand proves the value of their contribution to any business.

Adecco Marketing Position pay Thailand

Addecco Marketing Position pay Thailand

An effective Digital Marketing Manager will start by getting to know your company and understand its brand, and immerse themselves in the culture of the company so that they can begin to create a content marketing strategy for your website, to educate the world in what makes your business special and begin to foster trust so that they can start to give the Sales Department contacts and leads to go and see.

Digital Marketing Managers also manage your social media reach through what is now called Social Media Optimisation (S.M.O.) which is an endless task as there is always a comment needed here, a blog post needed there, and the more social media followers and contacts you have, the more people see your posts and ‘calls to action’ who then become potential clients for your Sales people to go and meet and create your revenue.

So if you can’t afford a Digital Marketing Manager or the time it takes to manage your own Internet marketing, then how do you promote your business?


Still a mainstay of many business people, the most dynamic being those who have stuck it out and have carved good business relationships through reciprocation, but like all business growth, it is demanding on your time and you need to learn how to network with people effectively, there are many clubs in most major cities.

Cold calling

Biz find Lead generation

Biz find Lead generation

This just absolutely does not work in any effective sense for business anymore, proven time and again by major learning establishments worldwide.

Biz find Lead generation

Biz find Lead generation

So what’s the solution?….

Biz-find Sales Leads /Lead Generation services.

One thing you could do is get in touch with the Biz-find team:

We have over 5,000 businesses registered on our sites with around 150 new companies registering every month, 25,000+ subscribers, and Biz-find sites regularly host an average 40,000 visits a month.

We share our member business every day to over 500k on Social media.

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