How do we source our Sales Leads?

First of all. it’s very important to understand the definition of a ‘Sales Lead’. To us at Biz-find, it is:

‘Information about someone who wants to buy what you sell, is in the area where you sell, is the decision maker, has the money, and wants to buy now.’

 Q) Why do business owners need leads?

 A) To save themselves a lot of time and money doing the usual activities that helps them find new business instantly!

At Biz-find we use researched, proven methods to get our business leads in Thailand:

Customer Service Representatives

Firstly we have a Customer Service Team that work from all corners of the internet. They contact our members every day and help them to get the most out of their free listing as well as offering extra marketing incentives in return for them to tell us what they are actively looking to buy.

Affiliate Lead Providers

Secondly, a team of affiliates who work from home (all over the world) who  actively contact businesses in Thailand to find out what products and services they are sourcing right now (if you are interested in being an affiliate click here) and these are added to the site for the main admin to review. Our main admins regularly call the businesses who supplied the leads to check the validity of the lead and then publish to the Thailand Business Leads page.

The Members

Thirdly, each time a business registers free on our websites they can, if they wish, add a lead for what they are looking to buy. We offer incentives including upgrades and cash for these leads, and we review them in the same way we do any other lead.

Our leads are posted for thirty days and the lead posters are asked at 30 days whether they want to delete the lead, if they have found a supplier, or re-post again with a new date.








Biz-find has now moved to a new faster Global database and leads sourcing website called:

All listings and  blogs have been moved to here.

We are securing the site and you may need to re-register there and claim your business!

Biz-find will cease to be on January 4th so join us on our new site now