Find Business in Thailand Now

Find Business in Thailand Now

STOP! With all the time and cash expensive lead generation activities, we have sellers AND buyers on one site!
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Imagine there were sales leads it’s easy if you try

Imagine you are a sales representative and all you do each working day is see decision makers who want what you are selling, and they have the ready cash today.

That is like saying to a soccer striker imagine there’s no goal keeper, or to a 3 year old on a hot summer’s day imagine a free ice cream maker.

My dream is to make the internet a place where buyers flock to everyday to be heard above other buyers and the people that sell, sit back and cherry pick the best clients!

It always confounds me that deep into the digital age, business who need products and services, still have to ‘hunt for suppliers’ sadly the Internet is now a marketplace where (SEO) search engine optimisation people are better at getting the top spots on Google than the best people to actually supply that service.

It takes a buyer quite a lot of time to sift through the websites that are just good at SEO, review sites, mostly done by the SEO people again, the deal sites, and then eventually invite 3 reps to visit.

When I first saw Alibaba I thought oh great, at last a site for suppliers AND buyers, but what I found is; it’s mainly for suppliers to shout louder than their competitors to find the buyer somewhere over the rainbow.

People in Business buy things every single day to keep their business ticking over, the Hairdresser buys shampoos, the Hotel buys sheets, the Restaurant buys food, the Rice farmer buys rice sacks, it is deeply ingrained in our DNA as a consuming society, to consume products and services whilst selling products and services.

When you are a coffee shop registered on our site, and we call you and ask you what you are buying, and you tell us; ‘Nothing,’ well we wonder how did you get the coffee to sell? did you grow it yourself? Did you make all the furniture for your shop, and the cups and spoons and sugar as well? My we have been busy!, haven’t we?

Think, everyone buys something to keep their business alive.

We manage business directories, but we are different, not a ‘me too’ business directory, we hold our own, as we are built around sales leads.

When you register for your business listing, we ask you for 200 THB one time admin fee for a basic listing, BUT if you tell us a couple of things your business is buying right now, you get to go free, because rest assured someone out there will find your request most valuable indeed.

Like a dating site where you fill in your profile best you can to make yourself attractive to the opposite sex, you then tell the dating site what is your perfect mate, we do the same but for business.

On Biz-find; you fill in your company information and submit, we check it over, then publish and share to 500,000 real people on our social media reach, which drives people in to see what you do and see your contact information like your website, phone number, and social media links, we even have a simple contact form, then you tell us what you are buying, for supplying us with a sales lead, you get all the marketing we offer for your business for free.

We then publish your leads on the site for our other members to see in categories of business. For example: let’s say you are a delicatessen, you sell many cooked meats but you are looking for some new cheeses for your customers; we put your request for a cheese supplier on the Sales Leads page, in the food and drink > Cheese category, then Cheese sales people receive an email to say we have a lead for them.

Cheese suppliers need to upgrade to the Pro membership at just $10 a month which has many benefits over a basic listing and sales leads are free to access for pro members.

So, If you are a Cheese sales person, all you need to do is register as a pro member, and whenever one of our 5,000 existing members basic or pro and 150 new every month who join one of out 9 sites in Southeast Asia, UK and the USA ask for Cheese you get an email.

upgrade to biz-find Thailand directory pro member

We are not just about Cheese! We are a countrywide Business directory in 9 countries and have every kind of business imaginable in fact one of the Unique selling points of a Biz-find site is; how deep our categories actually go, when a company joins and I feel their business category is not succinct enough, I just go ahead and make a new category just for them, well until a competitor come along.

We think that is worth imagining….