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06/11/2019 E commerce,Marketing

So, why is a strong online presence important to your business? Aside from the fact that your competitors are doing it, the internet today has become an important part of everyone’s lives. It this digital age, almost everyone, if not all,  are searching for information online—whether it’s everyday need like food, clothing, or specific services like master affiliate and plumbing services. This means that you have a wide audience online and each one of them can be your potential clients.

While this seems easy, creating an online presence is not a simple task. You need to create your marketing strategy and overcome the hurdles that were brought to you by your competitors. You can do that by following these simple guidelines and tips in order to stand out.  

Make a good first impression

There are numerous factors that lead to a successful online presence and of these factors is a good impression. This is the role of web page design. Do you know that the audience can judge your web page based only on the look of your site in a matter of seconds? Every small detail count including the webpage logo, mobile compatibility, website color scheme and even the typefaces—everything can build an impression.  Either this impression is good or bad, this will be the basis of your audience whether they will stay in your site or turn to your competitor. 

Affiliate Marketing can help  

For some businesses, affiliate marketing is the best way to attract customers and earn profits. This kind of practice is effective if you promote new products or launch a new branch of your business. In affiliate marketing, someone will promote your business with their website reach. Nowadays, there are companies called master affiliate. These companies hold a number of high-ranking websites both locally and internationally. With this, you can assure that you have established wide number of audiences and potential customers.

Affiliate marketing Thailand
Affiliate marketing Thailand

There are many affiliate marketing websites you can hire nowadays. Whether your business is about clothing, food, or even gaming, finding an affiliate site right now is easier than ever. To give you an example. is a good affiliate site. The website was specifically made for its client Happyluke casino. The website successfully tackled all the information and services about the casino including casino bonuses such as free credits and game reviews. 

Master affiliate services aren’t free. The good thing about this practice is that you only pay what you get. Master affiliate services are based on revenue sharing. If the affiliate website you hired did not produce any sales or results, there aren’t any commission to hand out.  

SEO strategy is the key

Remember when you type a car insurance company? Tons of websites of car insurance companies flowed on your screen. As a business owner who tries to make an online presence, your goal is to be on that first page of that search result. Now, this is the part where you need SEO or Search Engine optimization strategy.

Search Engine Optimization is vital in your business because it is the only way for your website to be on the top of search engines when people search for your services. SEO strategy allows your business to be seen by the clients whom you wanted to attract. However, I’m afraid you can’t DIY the SEO because it is consists of multiple complicated strategies and actions. You need experts to help you. The good news here is that there are cheap SEO services that you can avail of. Think of it as an investment.

Good and bad reviews do count

You shouldn’t ignore your online reputation. You should take advantage of every review you received online because you can use them in your favor. If you receive good reviews on your website or social media, make them feel that you appreciate them. With this, you will able to thank that person who used your services and at the same time get the attention of others by your reply.

Trust paying online
Trust paying online

You should do the same when you receive negative feedback. You should never fear nor ignore and any of these comments. To make the situation advantageous to your business, respond with their comments or reviews in a helpful way. You can send a number or email of your customer service team so you will have an opportunity to fix the problem in private. Other people who saw you’re your feedback will, will create an impression that you are doing what you can to fix the problems.


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